Answering Common Questions About Intermittent Fasting

Have you been thinking about making a change to your habits? If you are one of those people who is strongly considering intermittent fasting, we have put up answers to all the most common questions that you may have about this process of losing weight. We hope that our article will be helpful to those who have read a little bit about intermittent fasting, but still have many questions they want answered.

Is there only a single kind of intermittent fasting?

No, the beauty of intermittent fasting is that it can be tweaked to suit the lifestyle and goals that you are pursuing. Not everyone can handle the kinds of intermittent fasting that other people find helpful.

For instance, we know many people who had a lot of success with the 16:8 method, while others thought it was not that useful. We also know those who were able to do the 5:2 method with ease, while others felt that fasting for two days a week was nearly impossible.

What can I eat or drink while I am in the fasting phase?

The fact that you are fasting means that you cannot eat any food. But you must understand that it is a little unique compared to the fasting that you would do for religious reasons. For instance, you can drink water while you are in the fasting stage, whether it is the 16 hours in the day or one or two days of the week that you are fasting.

When you are doing the 5:2 fast, you can consume around 500 calories during your fasting days. If you are doing a 24 hour fast one time a week or you are engaging in the 16:8 diet, you should not be eating any calories in those fasting hours.

The only beverages that you can have during a full fasting period are coffee, tea and water. Even with coffee and tea, you must ensure you are not adding any sweetener or milk. Diet sodas are also a no, as they have artificial sweeteners that can impact your body’s reaction your fast.

How long should I keep intermittent fasting?

The length of time that you engage in intermittent fasting is entirely up to you. Some people only intermittent fast for a few months as it lets them achieve their goals. Other people will keep fasting for many years, as they find it is a good part of their weekly routine. How long you fast is entirely up to you. It is up to you to decide your goals and how you want to incorporate intermittent fasting into those goals.

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